Missing Teeth Replacements

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At Illinois Family Dentistry, we understand the challenges of living with missing teeth and are here to help. We are pleased to offer a range of tooth replacement options, including complete and partial dentures and implant restorations. Our skilled and experienced dentists will recommend the type of tooth replacement that is right for you based on your unique needs and personal preferences.

Complete and Partial Dentures - An Overview

Dentures and partials offer a cost-effective, time-tested solution to restore missing teeth. Today’s restorations are sleeker, more functional, and more natural-looking than ever!

Complete Dentures: Complete dentures are aesthetic restorations designed to replace one or both arches of teeth. They come with gum-colored bases that support artificial teeth made to match your smile. Illinois Family Dentistry offers two types of complete dentures: immediate and conventional.

  • Immediate Dentures: Immediate dentures are placed in your mouth immediately after extracting any remaining teeth. However, your gums and bone will change shape over the healing period, so immediate dentures will not continue to fit and function as they should. They are considered interim solutions until your smile is ready for conventional dentures.
  • Conventional Dentures: Conventional dentures are made from impressions of your mouth after your bone and gum tissue heal, providing the best fit, function, and comfort. We create your restorations from the highest quality material to ensure their longevity and to deliver beautifully natural results.

Partial Dentures: Removable partial dentures offer an effective solution to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, restoring your smile’s health and function. They are held to your remaining natural teeth by clasps or precision attachments. Illinois Family Dentistry offers acrylic, flexible, and combo partial dentures to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Dental Implant Restorations - An Overview

Dental implants are small, titanium posts that are placed in your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. They integrate with the bone during healing, providing an incredibly stable foundation for one, several, or a complete set of replacement teeth. Dental implants are the only restorations that prevent bone loss in the area, safeguarding your oral health.

Our team at Illinois Family Dentistry works closely with your oral surgeon or periodontist who places the implant. Once the area heals, we complete the implant process by creating restorations that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. We are pleased to offer single crowns, implant-supported bridges, and implant-supported dentures.

  • Implant Crowns: If you’re missing a tooth, an aesthetic dental crown placed on a single implant can restore your smile. Our high-quality restorations match the color and texture of your natural teeth for a seamless smile.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges: Unlike traditional bridges that rely on crowns placed on natural teeth for support, implant-supported bridges are secured to implants on either side of the gap. They provide superior function, durability, and aesthetics, comparable to having natural, healthy teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: Implant-supported dentures combine the benefits of traditional dentures with implant dentistry. They are secured to several implants strategically placed in your jawbone, providing unmatched comfort, stability, and function, second only to natural teeth.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implant restorations is the next best thing to having healthy, natural teeth. With proper care, your implant restorations can last a lifetime!

Missing Teeth Replacements Near Me in Dallas, TX

If you’re looking for a solution to replace one or more missing teeth, contact Illinois Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will recommend the ideal tooth replacement solution based on your needs and preferences.

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